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Gyoza chicken
Gyoza Chicken

Japanese dumplings, filled with juicy chicken and fresh vegetables.

Gyoza pork
Gyoza Pork

Japanese dumplings, filled with juicy pork and fresh vegetables.

Chicken Karaage
Chicken Karaage

Japanese style crispy coated chicken pieces.

chicken teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled juicy chicken leg meat, topped with our family recipe Teriyaki sauce.

yakitori skewers
Yakitori skewers

Grilled chicken skewers in sweet Japanese soy sauce.


Chicken Tsukune
Chicken Tsukune

Very tasty Japanese chicken meatballs, steamed and grilled on a stick.

yakitori pieces
Yakitori pieces

Grilled bits of chicken thigh in sweet Japanese soy sauce.


Taste the real Japan

You don’t have to travel to Japan to experience real Japanese food! We use Japanese family recipes to make our food products taste real authentic.




There is a long lasting public debate going on about the effects of GMO’s on human health and nature.
The World Health Organization (WHO) states that GM Foods are not likely to present risks for human health on short term, but has no answers on the long term effects for mankind and nature. We want to be safe and don’t use GMO’s in our Nisshoku products. Period! We like safe and simple, and therefore only use NON-GMO products.

Want to know more about GMO’s?
You can read it on WHO or Non-Gmo Project


According to American researchers the worldwide use of antibiotics in livestock in 2010 counted an astonishing 63.151 tonnes. For 2030 they even expect a worldwide increase of 67%!*! We believe that the preventive use of medicine in animals is not safe and is endangering our human health and nature.Therefore, we only produce products that are free of any antibiotics!

*Source: PNAS.


Europe excels in high end food quality due to strict regulations and standards in production, labeling, information and food origins. Our Nisshoku products are made in the EU and fit all the EU general food law regulations, which ensure the high end standard of European food products.

Want to learn more about European food standards? Visit The European Commission website.